Can My Wife Sell My Car

Can My Wife Sell My Car ?

Yes, Your wife can sell your car if you’ve given power of attorney to your wife , while you are not present in UAE. It can be done online through e- notary in Dubai.

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There are strict rules and regulations for selling a car in the UAE. Only the person who has ownership can sell his car but if, due to certain reasons, he isn’t present on location. He can simply ask his spouse to sell his car on his behalf. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how a spouse can sell the car of her husband.

Power Of Attorney

If you are outside the UAE, you can give power of attorney to your partner by 2 ways.The expensive and tiring way is to get your POA notarized from the country you’re currently residing. Then attest it from MUFA (Ministry of foreign affairs) and UAE embassy.

power of attorney document

But the most convenient option is to make your wife your power of attorney online. You can get it done through e-notary in Dubai. In 2021, dubai govermnet make it’s all processes digital and introduced Smart Electronic Notarization Service.

This service allows people to notarize from anywhere in world without being physically present.

To issue power of attorney to your wife, you require

In this way, you can allow your wife to sell your car in your absence. 

Documents Required

But before selling your car, make sure that you have all the required documents. These documents are discussed next.

  • Mortgage Clearance

Your remaining loan in mentioned in RTA, so make it obvious to clear all your loans before selling your vehicle. Once your mortgage is cleared, the banks ensures RTA that all loans have been paid.

  • RTA Certificate

A RTA certificate is mandatory before selling your car. It can be done by getting your vehicle inspected through RTA. You can visit ROYAL MOTORS to inspect your car.

  • Insurance Certificate

You can transfer your insurance or cancel it. If your insurance lasts more than 7 months, you can transfer it. But make sure if your insurance company allows you to transfer it or not.

Transfer of Vehicle

The last step is to transfer your vehicle to the buyer through your wife (POA). The buyer must have valid car insurance, passport, Emirates ID card, and driving license. These documents will be varified by RTA, and then a draft is made of the whole procedure.


Transfer POA to your wife through the legal process, and then she can sell your car. ROYAL MOTORS can ease your process simply by doing all legal work on your behalf and helping you to sell your car.

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