How To Obtain Power Of Attorney To Sell A Car

How To Obtain Power Of Attorney To Sell A Car

Selling a car in the UAE is a complex process, and it becomes possible if you’re present. That is why you need power of attorney. It grants access to the person who can sell your car and transfer all the necessary documents. He can also sell your vehicles like cars, motorbikes, boats, jets, etc.

In actuality, Power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that grants authority to work or act on behalf of another person. When selling a car, the POA person can sell your car on your behalf. The following documents are required to prepare a representative power of attorney:

  1. A copy of the passport.
  2. A copy of the visa (if the person is a UAE resident).
  3. A copy of the Emirates ID (if the person is a UAE resident).
A copy of the passport.
A copy of the visa
A copy of the Emirates ID

It is important to understand the purpose and implications of the document while concerned about selling a car within the legal framework of the UAE.

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Types Of Power Of Attorney

In UAE, there are 2 types of POA.


It is a general power of attorney, which allows the representative to work on various matters, including car selling.


Specific power of attorney is limited to specific powers for representatives.

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Find A Representative As POA.

Most people who don’t find suitable customers for their vehicles appoint their friends or family members as POA, and then you provide them with the necessary documents. You have to sign relevant documents at the Traffic Department of UAE. In this case, the attorney sells the car, receives the cash, and sends it to you.
You can also hand over the attorney to a reliable law firm. They will deal, work on your behalf, and transfer the payment to you. The professional lawyer will do the whole process, reducing the risk of fraud.

Further, the following documents are required to prepare a corporate power of attorney:

  • Copy of trade license.
  • Memorandum and articles of association.
  • Passport copies of the shareholders.
  • Emirates IDs of the shareholders.

In a few cases, you can trust the other person if you get a good deal. You can also transfer the POA to the actual buyer.


Pay Outstanding Fines

Clear all dues, whether a fine or an insurance fee, before transferring the car.

Visit to the Traffic and Licensing Department

If you’re transferring your car for the first time, you must be physically present. Ensure that all fines will be paid. Visit the Abu Dhabi traffic department. You can find the nearest traffic department online on the TAMM services website.

Fill out the form at the registration center and attach all the required documents.

Draft Your POA

Once you find a reliable person, you must draft your POA. This can only be done by a law firm as this draft needs to be approved by the relevant government department of the UAE.

If the draft is rejected, you must make another one, which will cost you much more than before. So make sure to prepare it through professionals.

Translation Of Draft

You must prepare the draft in English and Arabic if you are not a UAE resident. For this purpose, you need to translate your draft into Arabic.

Sign Your POA

It is the last step in obtaining a vehicle POA in UAE. Obtain 3 printed originals of the POA and visit the Notary public for notarization of the complete process. Go to the office physically, take a token, wait for your turn, and make a required payment.


Finally, make sure to prepare every required document beforehand. You can do this through a friend or family member, but a law firm is more reliable. Although it is a complex and time-consuming process, you can do this task more efficiently by following this blog.

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