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Best Car Dealers in Dubai – 2024

As you know, Dubai is the most beautiful and luxurious place in the world. It is heaven for those people who love luxury and expensive cars. But I know you and everyone who wants to buy a new car or sell a used car are always thinking about doing this process with the most trusted and well-known dealers in Dubai.

Today, with my experience of living in Dubai and working in the automotive industry since 2021, I decided to share 10 of the most trusted and best car dealers in Dubai.

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” I am a car dealer by profession , I joined the automotive industry in 2021 . My mission is to help you to reach most suitable and trusted dealerships in dubai who buy and sell cars . I take very less commission in return and give you trust and memories “

Muhammad Nassan

3 Top Of The Line Dealers

10 Best Used + New Car Dealers In Dubai

1. Al-Futtaim Automotive

They are the most trusted automotive dealer in Dubai, and they have a diverse lineup, from the most well-known Toyota and Lexus to the stylish and innovative Honda and Volvo. They provide a wide range of choices for customers.

Address : Dubai Festival City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number :  +971 4 706 2222

Website :

1. Al-Futtaim Automotive


Selling luxury in Dubai, AGMC is well known for selling BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce. They provide a wide range of luxury cars with the best customer service you can imagine. 

Their car gives you the most premium driving experience with elegance.

Address : Sheikh Zayed Rd – Al Quoz – Al Quoz 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number : +971 800 2462

Website :

agmc dubai

3. Gargash Enterprises

As the famous distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Dubai, Gargash Enterprises adds an authentic value to automotive luxury. With a commitment to providing luxury and comfort with beautiful designs, they bring the soul of German engineering to the roads of Dubai.

Address : Gargash – Mercedes-Benz Pre-Owned Showroom, Al Aweer AutoMarket, Shop No.37, Auto Market, Dubai Municpality Used Car Complex 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number : +971 4 333 6777

Website :

Gargash Enterprises

4.Trading Enterprises

A dedicated dealer for a range of vehicles, including the adventurous Jeep, the classic Chrysler, the powerful Dodge, and the robust Ram.

Address : Trading Enterprises، 745 Sheikh Zayed Road Exit 42, Interchange 4 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number : +971 800 5119

Website :

4.Trading Enterprises

5. Arabian Automobiles Company

Serving the automotive market with Nissan, Infiniti, and Renault. Arabian Automobiles Company is a driving force in Dubai’s automotive industry. Known for innovation and reliability, they provide a perfect selection for every driver.

Address : Nissan Showroom – Arabian Automobiles – Deira, Nissan Showroom – Al Ittihad Rd – Al Khabaisi – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number : +971 4 295 2222

Website :

6. Galadari Automobiles

Galadari Automobiles specializes in selling the ultra super driving experience of Mazda. With a focus on performance and style, they target those who are seeking a satisfied and comfortable journey on the road.

Address : Mazda Service – Dubai Deira – Galadari Automobiles، Al Ittihad Road, Next to Renault Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number : +971 4 299 4848

Website :

6. Galadari Automobiles

7. Juma Al Majid Est

A name synonymous with trust, Juma Al Majid Est. sells Hyundai, Genesis, and KIA in Dubai. With a commitment to quality and innovation, they provide a range of vehicles to meet every need of their customers.

Address : Juma Al Majid Est., Plot 1280132, Behind Yokohama Showroom – 25th St – Al Khabaisi – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number : +971 4 266 0740

Website :


Juma Al Majid Est

8. Porsche Centre Dubai

Porsche Centre Dubai brings the iconic brand to enthusiasts who are seeking performance. With a lineup defined by speed, they target those who demand the utmost in driving excellence with luxury.

Address : Porsche Centre Dubai, Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC, Sheikh Zayed Road, Next to Interchange 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number : +971 800 918

Website :

9 . Al Tayer Motors

Positioned as a powerhouse in the automotive sector of Dubai, Al Tayer Motors sells Ford, Lincoln, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, and Ferrari in Dubai. They offer a diverse portfolio; they combine luxury, performance, and innovation to meet the expectations of every discerning driver.

Address : Al Tayer Motors, Ford Showroom Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Tayer Motors – 693 Al Marabea’ St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number : +971 4 303 7070

Website :

9 . Al Tayer Motors

10 . Premier Motors

They sell one and only Aston Martin, Bentley, and Bugatti. With a focus on non-statable luxury and high-performance vehicles, they provide a different experience for those who seek the epitome of automotive excellence.

Address : Garhoud Atrium Building, Opposite Indian High School, Dubai

Contact Number : +971800668677

Website :

10 . Premier Motors
Keep In Mind

The automotive market is changing every year, and new dealerships emerge with time. It’s always a good idea to check for the latest reviews and customer feedback.

Dubai’s expanding automotive market offers many car choices. Each car has different experience and preferences. Whether you are looking for luxury, performance, or comfort, all the best car dealers in Dubai are committed to fulfill your expectations.

When you start your journey to find the best car dealer in Dubai to find the perfect vehicle for your self or for loved ones, consider these dealers as your trusted partners in choosing the best car in Dubai.

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