Can I Sell My Car After My Visa Cancellation In Dubai?

Can I Sell My Car After My Visa Cancellation In Dubai

Yes, you can still sell your car If your visa is canceled, you will be given 30 days to leave the country. In this grace period, you have to sell your car. 


So make sure to find a reliable buyer, or you can sell your car in the UAE to Royal MotorsWe can assist you in the legal process and selling your car efficiently without any hassle.

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I know visa cancellation is very stressful experience for you, but in 2023, Dubai made a new rule of grace period. A grace period is a time given to you after your visa got canceled due to certain reasons such as the divorce of a female, the completion of education of a student, or persons holding green or golden visas.

So let’s discuss the steps you need to take to sell your car after your visa cancellation.

Selling Your Car

To sell your car, you only have limited days, so use it efficiently. Check if your car fines are paid or if any outstanding loans are pending. Settle all the dues before selling your car.

Now, find a buyer for your car. Negotiate the price, or you can contact Royal Motors to sell your car in Dubai, We will simply do the process for you. To transfer your car, to the buyer, you both need to visit the traffic department.

Can I Sell My Car After My Visa Cancellation In Dubai?

They require a few documents including car ownership documents, RTA certificates, and your canceled visa. Don’t forget to get an NOC (No Objection Certificate) as it’s important to sell your car.

Some people also require a detailed inspection of the vehicle, so clean your car and clear small dents from it. Make a sale agreement between seller and buyer and add all terms and conditions to prevent from any future disturbance.

Take Help From offers several services from selling your car to all the legal processes. Moreover, we are one of the most trusted car inspection and car buying dealers in Dubai. We can even help you find a reliable buyer too.

Final Thoughts

It is critical for a seller to know all the legal processes before selling a car, particularly after visa cancellation. Preparing necessary documents and clear communication with buyers helps you to sell your car more easily. Don’t forget to seek advice from our legal experts to know if any new regulations are made to sell a car.

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