Documents Required to Sell a Car in Dubai

Documents Required to Sell a Car in Dubai

Dubai is a place of different cultures with an ever-evolving landscape. The trend of buying and selling cars can never be down in Dubai. It’s one of the best places to sell your car because of its easy procedure and people’s buying power. If you know the actual process, it’s quite easy for you to sell your car, and you can easily upgrade your vehicle or leave the city without any disturbance. In this guide, I’ll help you know how to sell your car in Dubai.

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Preparing to Sell

When selling your car for the first time, make sure to keep these rules in mind.

  1. Don’t put any stickers regarding advertisements or selling over or inside the car. If police see such advertisements, they will fine the car.
  2. Before selling, if you want to wash the car, wait to do it on the roads. Instead, go to the service station, as it’s against the law to wash a car in the street. A fine of AED 100/- will be imposed on such persons.
  3. Clear all mortgage and outstanding dues before selling the car to prevent any trouble.
  4. Make sure to obtain a clearance letter from the financial institute. 

Transferring Process

The transfer process requires the following documents.

  1. Registration card
  2. Valid driving license
  3. Emirates ID or Passport and Visa
  4. A copy of the new insurance from the buyer

Registration card


Mulkiya’s registration card is necessary before selling a car. You can order it through the RTA website or the Dubai Police Application. In this case, you can also get a copy of your Mulkiya card from the RTA website. 

>Sign in to the Dubai police app or go to the RTA website. >Click on car details. >Add necessary information. You will get all the information regarding Mulkiya, its expiring date, and other vital information.

Driving License

UAE driving license

A driving license is issued to a person who has already cleared a driving test and is authorized to drive a car on the roads of Dubai. Every vehicle has a different age limit, and anyone, including senior citizens, customers, or residents, can apply for the license if they are in the legal age bracket and have optimal health.

You can apply for a driving license in Dubai, or if you already have a license from your home country, you can exchange it with a Dubai license under certain conditions approved by the UAE government.


EmiratesID, Passport or Visa

Emirates ID

The identity card issued to residents of UAE is Emirates ID. All citizens are obliged to apply for Emirates ID to live in UAE. 

If you are not a citizen of the UAE and living there, you must have a Passport that attests to your nationality and personal identification. It includes a person’s full name, picture, birthplace, date of birth, and passport expiration date. 

Copy of New Insurance

car insurance

It is vital to transfer your insurance to a new owner to sell your car. It is important to note that the insurance is tied to the car, not the vehicle’s owner. A predetermined number of days must be passed before transferring a car to a new owner, and he must submit a vehicle ownership certificate. Make sure to transfer insurance ASAP. If any mishap happens to the car and the insurance is not transferred, The owner can’t claim the insurance. Ensure the insurance certificate matches the car’s papers, i.e., owner’s name and registration certificate. 

RTA Transaction

Make sure to know the real worth of your car depending on the mileage it covers and the condition of the car. Dubai’s market is quite competitive, so research other models of the same brand before selling and then price it accordingly. You can search online for car valuation tools for accurate figures. A clean and neat car attracts more buyers than a dirty and issued car, so repair and clean it professionally. 


  1. Take good photos of the car.
  2. Visit our Homepage.
  3. Fill in the form given below.
  4. You can Book An Appointment for any questions you have in mind and our customer support team will contact you.


Selling a car in Dubai is easy, and you can enjoy hassle-free good payment as Dubai’s market is quite expensive. But make sure to complete all the papers and make the car free of faults and attractive to get a good sale. After clearing all the documents you can contact us and our support team will be happy to assist you.

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