How To Sell Car Which is Won in Dubai

How To Sell Car Which is Won in Dubai

Selling a car which is won in a contest in Dubai is similar to selling any other car, but there may be specific regulations and procedures you need to follow. Let’s discuss one by one:

Here’s a general guide to help you sell your car:

Submit Car Details

Check Contest Terms and Conditions

Review the terms and conditions of the contest you won and make sure there are no restrictions on selling the car you won, especially if there are any time limitations or conditions attached.

Ownership Transfer

If the car is already registered in your name, you’ll need to transfer ownership to the new buyer. This process typically involves going to the local Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) office. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation, including your Emirates ID, passport, and the car’s registration documents.

Set a Fair Price

Research the market value of your car to determine a fair selling price or you can take help from us at Factors such as the car’s make, model, year, mileage, and condition will effect its value. You can check online car marketplaces or consult with local dealerships for guidance.

Find Your Car Value Free

Prepare the Car

Make sure that the car is in good condition for sale. Clean both the interior and exterior of car and fix any minor issues, and consider getting a professional detailing service to enhance its look.

Advertise the Car

Create a good-looking advertisement with detailed information about your car, including its specifications, features, and maintenance history. Use high-quality photos of your car to showcase the vehicle. You can use online platforms such as classified websites, social media, or local newspapers to reach potential buyers.

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